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Tổng hợp 101 bài Lab test CCNA update 4/2013

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Lab 001: Configuring standard VLANs on Catalyst Switches
Lab 002: Configuring extended VLANs on Catalyst Switches
Lab 003: Configuring VTP Clients and Servers on Catalyst Switches
Lab 004: Configuring VTP Transparent Mode
Lab 005: Securing VTP Domains
Lab 006: Verifying Spanning-Tree Port States on Catalyst Switches
Lab 007: Spanning-Tree Protocol Root Bridges Manually
Lab 008: Spanning-Tree Protocol Root Bridges using the IOS Macro
Lab 009: Assigning Multiple Instances to a VLAN Simultaneously
Lab 010: Configuring Spanning-Tree Protocol for Access ports
Lab 011: Configuring switch Access port security
Lab 012: Configuring advanced switch Access port security
Lab 013: Configuring advanced static switch Access port security
Lab 014: Enabling Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree
Lab 015: Configuring and allowing inter-VLAN routing
Lab 016: Restricting VLANs on Trunks and changing the VTP version
Lab 017: Configuring a default gateway for routers and switches
Lab 018: Permitting Telnet access to Catalyst Switches
Lab 019: Configuring passwords on Catalyst Switches

Wide Area Networks

Lab 020: Configuring back-to-back Serial connections
Lab 021: Verifying Cisco HDLC Encapsulation
Lab 022: Configuring PPP Encapsulation
Lab 023: PPP Authentication using PAP
Lab 024: PPP Authentication using CHAP - Method 1
Lab 025: PPP Authentication using CHAP - Method 2
Lab 026: Configuring Cisco Frame Relay
Lab 027: Configuring IETF Frame Relay
Lab 028: Configuring Static Frame Relay Maps
Lab 029: Configuring Frame Relay point-to-point Subinterfaces
Lab 030: Configuring Frame Relay Multipoint Subinterfaces

IP Routing

Lab 031: Configuring Static Routing via Interfaces
Lab 032: Configuring Static Routing via IP addresses
Lab 033: Configuring and Naming Static Routes
Lab 034: Configuring Default Static Routes
Lab 035: Configuring RIP version
Lab 036: RIPv2 Automatic Summarization
Lab 037: Debugging and Verifying RIP version 2 Updates
Lab 038: Passive Interfaces for RIPv2 Updates
Lab 039: Summarizing Routes with RIPv2
Lab 040: RIPv2 Split Horizon
Lab 041: Configuring Basic EIGRP Routing
Lab 042: Configuring EIGRP Routing Using Wildcard Masks
Lab 043: EIGRP Automatic Summarization
Lab 044: Passive Interfaces for EIGRP Updates
Lab 045: Summarizing Routes with EIGRP
Lab 046: Verifying the EIGRP Database
Lab 047: EIGRP Split Horizon
Lab 048: Configuring OSPF on Point-to-Point Networks
Lab 049: Configuring OSPF on Broadcast Networks
Lab 050: Configuring OSPF on Non-Broadcast Networks
Lab 051: Configuring OSPF Point-to-Multipoint Networks
Lab 052: Configuring Multi-Area OSPF
Lab 053: Manually configuring the OSPF router ID
Lab 054: Debugging OSPF Adjacencies

Access Control Lists

Lab 055: Configuring and Applying Standard Numbered ACLs
Lab 056: Configuring and Applying Standard Named ACLs
Lab 057: Configuring and Applying Extended Numbered ACLs Inbound
Lab 058: Configuring and Applying Extended Named ACLs Inbound
Lab 059: Configuring and Applying Extended Numbered ACLs
Lab 060: Configuring and Applying Extended Named ACLs Outbound
Lab 061: Restricting Inbound Telnet Access using Extended ACLs
Lab 062: Restricting Outbound Telnet Access using Extended ACLs
Lab 063: Debugging Network Traffic Using Extended ACLs
Lab 064: Logging ACL Matches

Network Address Translation

Lab 065: Configuring Static Network Address Translation
Lab 066: Configuring Dynamic Network Address Translation
Lab 067: Configuring interface-based Port Address Translation
Lab 068: Configuring pool-based Port Address Translation

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

Lab 069: Configuring IOS DHCP Clients
Lab 070: Configuring IOS DHCP Server
Lab 071: Forwarding DHCP requests to remote DHCP Servers

IP and IOS Features

Lab 072: Configuring command aliases in IOS devices
Lab 073: Configuring Local Name Resolution on IOS devices
Lab 074: Configuring Domain Name Resolution on IOS devices
Lab 075: Configuring IOS Device Logging to a SYSLOG server
Lab 076: Configuring User Privileges on IOS Devices
Lab 077: Configuring Command & Password privilege Levels on devices
Lab 078: Configuring MOTD Banners
Lab 079: Enabling HTTP access to IOS devices
Lab 080: Changing the Configuration Register on IOS devices
Lab 081: Cisco Discovery Protocol

Cisco Router and Security Device Manager

Lab 082: Configuring Cisco IOS routers for SDM
Lab 083: Using Cisco SDM to configure IP interfaces
Lab 084: Using Cisco SDM to configure Multi-Area OSPF Routing
Lab 085: Using Cisco SDM to configure IP EIGRP Routing
Lab 086: Using Cisco SDM to configure RIP version 2 Routing
Lab 087: Using Cisco SDM to configure and apply extended ACLs
Lab 088: Using Cisco SDM to configure Cisco IOS DHCP Server
Lab 089: Using Cisco SDM to configure DNS servers
Lab 090: Using Cisco SDM to configure Network Address Translation
Lab 091: Using Cisco SDM to configure Port Address Translation
Lab 092: Using Cisco SDM to manager users, passwords and privileges
Lab 093: Using Cisco SDM to restrict Telnet and SSH access to routers
Lab 094: Managing configuration files with Cisco SDM

Challenge Labs

Challenge Lab 1: DHCP, inter-VLAN routing and RIPv2
Challenge Lab 2: VTP, STP and OSPF
Challenge Lab 3: EIGRP, PAT, ACLs and Banners
Challenge Lab 4: Multi-Area OSPF, Frame Relay, LAN Switching
Challenge Lab 5: EIGRP Summarization, Static NAT, ACLs
Challenge Lab 6: PPP Authentication, Static Routing, DNS, SYSLOG
Challenge Lab 7: Subnetting, Summarization, Static Routing and ACLs




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