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Java IP Scanner and Port Scanner Source Code







* @author x86


public class scan {

    public static void main(String[] hx) throws UnknownHostException{

        String[][] port = new String[][] {

            {"21","FTP Server"},

            {"22","SSH Secure Shell"},


            {"25","SMTP(Simple Mail Transport Protokol)"},

            {"80","Web Server"},

            {"81","Web Server Alternatif"},

            {"110","POP Server"},


            {"119","News (NNTP) Server"},

            {"143","IMAP4 Server"},

            {"389","LDAP Server"},

            {"443","HTTP Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Server"},

            {"445","SMB over IP, File Sharing"},

            {"1503","Microsoft NetMeeting and VOIP"},

            {"1720","Microsoft NetMeeting and VOIP"},

            {"2525","SMTP (Alternate Server)"},

            {"3306","Mysql Database"},

            {"3389","Remote Desktop"},


            {"5432","Postgre Database"},

            {"5900","Virtual Network Computing (VNC)"}







        //atau dengan inisialisasi sendiri

        //String ip[] = {"","","",""};




    // IP Scan

    static void ipcheck(String[] ip,String[][] port) throws UnknownHostException{

        for(int a=0; a<ip.length; a++){


                System.out.print("IP "+ip[a]);

                InetAddress tar = InetAddress.getByName(ip[a]);



                        System.out.println(" [Active].");




                        System.out.println(" -down-.");



                }catch(Exception e){}


                System.out.println(ip[a]+" <== Invalid IP Address.");






    // Port Scan

    static void portcheck(InetAddress ip,String[][] port){

        for(int a=0; a<port.length; a++){


                Socket sock = new Socket(ip,Integer.valueOf(port[a][0]));


                    System.out.println("Port "+port[a][0]+" [OPEN]"+" ("+port[a][1]+")");


            }catch(Exception sd){

                System.out.println("Port "+port[a][0]+" -closed-");





    // untuk validasi IP Address versi 4

    static String isIPv4(String ip) throws UnknownHostException{

        String[] place = ip.split("\\.");

        if(place.length != 4){


                ip = String.valueOf(InetAddress.getByName(ip));

                place = ip.split("/");

                ip = place[1];

                place = place[1].split("\\.");

                if(place.length != 4) return "nop";

            }catch(Exception asd){

                return "nop";




        for (int d=0; d<place.length; d++) {

            int i;


                i = Integer.parseInt(place[d]);

            }catch(Exception s){

                return "nop";


            if ((i < 0) || (i > 255)) return "nop";


        return ip;



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