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The advantages and disavantages of travelling by plane

I am a person who loves to travel very much. I used to go to many interesting places in my country. Most of it were done by bus, motorcycle and also bicycle but were not by plane. That’s why I usually dream about an oversea travel by plane.

There are so many advantages and also disadvantages of making a trip by plane. Firstly, the most important advantage of using plane to travel is its fastness. It just takes some hours to move from HCMC to Ha Noi. For a car, it will be some days. People can do a lot of things in the time saved by using plane instead of car.
Secondly, traveling by plane is very safe. It is difficult to find a plane accident in the news but easy for a road accident. Flying in the sky without many barricades doesn’t have some problem such as digging road, “crazy bus driver” or congestion. Traveler will have a good sleep by using plane.
Finally, it is a convenience of traveling by plane. Nowadays, it is very easy to find a flight to everywhere in the world. With the development of aeronaut, people will have a lot of choices for their trip nowadays.
Beside its advantages, there are also many disadvantages of traveling by plane. To begin with, traveling by plane is very expensive. People just have to pay about 600 thousands VND for a car from HCMC to HN. It is about 3 millions VND for a plane. Making a trip by plane is not really a good choice for people who don’t have a lot money.
In addition, it will be unavailable for many people to travel by plane. In a very high height, airsickness will happen easily and it’s very terrible for all of traveler.
To sum up, traveling by plane has not only advantages but also disadvantages. However, in nowadays, time is the best property. That’s why using plane to travel is really a good choice for traveler around the world.


Advantages and disadvantages of travelling by plane

Nowadays, people have many means of transport to travelling such as bus, train, cars. This means have much improvement and advantages. But, the number of travelers chooses travelling by air is increasing about quantity. In fact, this choice brings us both advantages and disadvantages.
Travelling by air has many advantages.
First, the plane is fastest means of transport. We can reach our destination in a few hours. Flying speed is very fast. Therefore, it helps save time for passengers.
Second, we are provided with good services. The plane has many conveniences. We can sit comfortably in an arm-chair, reading magazines or watching a free film on television. And game for kids. In addition, we also served food, drinks. Steward and stewardess are extremely friendly, enthusiastic and polite. When passengers sick, they are given thoughtful care by professional nurse staff. Space is clean and quiet.
Third, we will enjoy beautiful scenery below. The island located mid vast expanse of oceans. Big city becomes very small. Air travels give us a bird’s eye view of the world.
Next, when the plane take on or take off, we will very amazing. Flying is thrilling like playing adventuresome game. In short, we have interesting feeling.
Finally, it is safer than other means because the plane is equipped modern technology.
Travelling by air also has many disadvantages.
First of all, this is the most expensive form of transport. A minority of people can afford a trip by plane while a journey on land or by sea is much cheaper.
Second, if accidents happen, death rate will be quite high. It is easy influent by weather, terrorism, hijacking and technical problems.
Third, the plane is also elective passengers. Unless passengers have strong health, they will be airsickness.
Finally, formalities and procedures are complicated. We have to body check, custom office check and so on.
In conclusion, travelling by air has some disadvantages. However, the advantages are no denying the fact. With modern more and more improve. Travelling by air promises the choice of everyone.

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