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Site-to-Site VPN Routing by using Hamachi

Great news for me today that i'd tested to route 2 different network by using VPN with Hamachi through internet.

In this post, i'll share out and simplify the steps for the configurations.

* Connecting Computers from Network A and Network B using VPN through internet by using Hamachi

* Network A:
IP Range=
Hamachi IP=
IP of Computer with Hamachi= 192.168.0.x

* Network B:
IP Range=
Hamachi IP=
IP of Computer with Hamachi= 192.168.7.x

Steps/ Guides:
1. Create a new network at LogMeIn Hamachi

2. Go to Hamachi --> System --> Preferences -> Settings --> Advanced Settings --> Look for "Disk Locations" --> Choose "Service Configuration" --> Click "Open"

3. Stop Services of "LogMeIn Hamachi Tunneling Engine" --> Open the "h2-engine.cfg" with wordpad -> Scroll to bottom and modify as below:

Vpn.Domain Hamachi, 0 [1 0 0 0] [1] [0 0 0] [] [1]
Vpn.Domain Hamachi, 0 [1 0 0 0] [1] [1 1 0] [] [1]

4. Run "Regedit" --> HKEY_Local_Machine\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\ --> Look for the key IPEnableRouter and set it to 1

5. Reboot your machine to apply the changes.
P/s: Please apply the settings above to both your computers that installed with Hamachi.

6. Set static route
For Network A:
Command Prompt --> route add -p mask

For Network B:
Command Prompt --> route add -p mask

Until Step 6, you should be able to ping from the computer with Hamachi (Network A) 192.168.0.x to computer with Hamachi (Network B) 192.168.7.x.
Next, we're going to configure the static route from the router to enable other computers from both networks able to talk to each other.

7. In order to let machines from both networks to communicates with each other, simply set the static route from your routers will do.

Hope this works for you. Else, please refer the references listed below. =)





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