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Download sách hướng dẫn viết email bằng tiếng anh-Email English - by Paul Emmerson full mediafire

4.jpgCuốn Email English được viết bởi Paul Emmerson chắc chắn sẽ là cuốn sách tiếng anh không thể thiếu cho các bạn sinh viên và những người đi làm. Cuốn sách được biên soạn trình bày các cách viết email khoa học dùng trong thương mại.
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Book introduction

Email English is a course for students of general or business English who need to write effective and convincing emails. It develops both language skills and confidence, as well as providing invaluable reference material.Key features

- Systematic and structured approach to writing: The language practice covers a wide range of topics and provides a great variety of focused exercise types.

- Large number of awareness activities about style: Students deal with both formal and informal emails and learn to switch appropriately between the two mediums.

- Phrase bank: Consists of a list of phrases organized functionally, which students can refer to and copy from in order to construct more effective emails, whether in class or at work.

- Designed for self-study and classroom use: All exercises can be used by students working alone and in class.

Tasks for teachers to use in class to support the exercises in the book.
About the Author

Paul Emmerson works as a writer, teacher and teacher trainer in the field of business English. He has a strong connection with International House , London, where he teaches for part of every year and runs the LCCI Cert TEB training course overseas.
He is also the author of the Business Builder series and Business Grammar Builder.

Who is this book for?

Learner of English at intermediate or upper-intermediate level who want to write better emails, learners studying on their own, or with a teacher.

Why was this book written?

In many English courses writing gets a low priority. Sometimes you do have a chance to practise some writing, but without a focus on emails. That's surprising, because emails are probably the most common type of written communication. Email English will give you the help you need to write effective emails.

Perhaps you think that it is not worth spending time on emails. They are informal, written quickly, and no-one minds if you make mistakes. Well, that is tru for some emails, for example emails between close friends. But what about an email to someone where you want to make a good impression? Or what about an emails where you want to be a bit more careful or more diplomatic than usual? Or what about an email in a professional context? It takes awareness and practice to write in a styles that fits the context, and Email English has many exercises to help you do this.

How is the thread organized?

Email English consists of thirty-two units of language practice and phrase bank. The language practice covers a wide range of topics and include a great variety of exercise types, such as practice of key phrases, awareness activities about different styles of writing and practice of general language structures.

Everyday, I will try to post one lesson with include the exercises for the student to practice. The key will also be attached along for you to check.

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