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Cách dùng từ OK trong tiếng Anh


( also okay ) exclamation, adjective, adverb, noun, verb
BrE / əʊkeɪ /
NAmE / oʊkeɪ /

1 yes; all right
‘Shall we go for a walk?’ ‘OK.’
2 used to attract sb’s attention or to introduce a comment
Okay, let’s go.
3 used to check that sb agrees with you or understands you
The meeting’s at 2, OK?
I’ll do it my way, OK?
4 used to stop people arguing with you or criticizing you
OK, so I was wrong. I’m sorry.
adjective , adverb

1 safe and well; in a calm or happy state
Are you OK?
2 ~ (for sb) (to do sth) all right; acceptable; in an acceptable way
Is it OK if I leave now?
Is it OK for me to come too?
Does my hair look okay?
I think I did OK in the exam.
Whatever you decide, it’s okay by me .
an okay movie

[ singular ] ( informal )
go ahead
I’m still waiting for the boss to give me the OK.

( OK’s , OK’ing , OK’d , OK’d ) ~ sth ( informal )
to officially agree to sth or allow it to happen
She filled in an expenses claim and her manager OK’d it.
Word Origin: mid 19th cent. (originally US): probably an abbreviation of orl korrect, humorous form of all correct, popularized as a slogan during President Van Buren’s re-election campaign of 1840 in the US; his nickname Old Kinderhook (derived from his birthplace) provided the initials.

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