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Topic 1 : Write about your favorite book

Trong các bạn ắt hẳn có nhiều người thik đọc sách. Đọc sách là một cách rất tốt để thu lượm kiến thức, giờ thì hãy nói cho PD nghe về cuốn sách mà bạn thik đi nào. Các bạn có thể dùng những gợi ý sau :

1/ A book

+ by : a book by Charles Dickens cuốn sách của (được viết bởi) tác giả Charles Dickens
+ about : I'm reading a book about a little girl who was a slave in 19th century Atlanta. sách viết về 

paperback : a book with a cover made of thin card sách bìa thường, mỏng
hardback : a book with a hard cover bìa cứng

2/ Books and stories about imaginary people and events
romantic novel (= about love)
historical novel (= about people and events in the past)

romantic fiction (= about s.o who falls in love)
historical fiction (= set in the past, often about famous events)
crime fiction (= about a crime and the criminal getting caught)

literature : books, plays and poems, especially famous ones that people think are important

science fiction : stories about things that happen in the future or in other parts in the universe khoa học viễn tưởng

detective story : a story in which s.o tries to find who is responsible for a crime, especially a murder truyện trinh thám

ghost story : a story that involves ghosts and strange events truyện ma

love story : truyện tình cảm

thriller : an exciting story, for example about a crime or war, in which surprising events happen suddenly and you never know what will happen next

short story : truyện ngắn

3/ Books about real things
non-fiction : books about real events and facts

4/ A book someone's life
biography : books about the life story of a person written by someone else

autobiography : a book in which s.o writes about their own life tự truyện

5/ Books that give information
reference book : a book of facts, such as a dictionary or an encyclopedia which you look at to discover particular information sách tham khảo

textbook : a book that contains detailed information about a subject for people who are studying that subject sách giáo khoa

atlas : a book of maps

6/ s.o who writes books : writer, author, novelist,...

7/ what happens in book : story, plot, ending,...

8/ The words in book : narrative (third person narrative, first person narrative,...) , dialogue, quotation (also quote) , style of writing ,...

9/ The people in book : 

a colorful character (= an interesting character)
an attactive/ appealing/sympathetic character
hero, heroine, the narrator ,...

10/ The ideas or subject of a book 
be about , be set in, be based on, theme,....

Writing tips :

When you are writing about your favorite book:
1/ ------- Say briefly what it's about
It's about a young boy called Harry Potter...
It tells the story of Jay Gatsby...
Then give a very brief summary of the story, using the present tense

2/ ------- Say why you like it
It's a very good book
It's a brilliant book
It's a classical story
It's very exciting
I couldn't put it down
It's a real page- turner
It grabs your attention right from the start.
You like the language
It's very well written
It's beautiful written
You like the atmosphere
It really gives you the feeling for the world of the "Jazz Age"
You really think you are there
3/ ------- Say when it was written, when you read it

It was written in the 1930s/ a long time ago / quite recently
I read it when I was at university/ a couple of years ago
The story is set in in the 1950s (= it happened in the 1950s)

4/------- Say if the book has a deeper meaning, or has something important to say about people's lives, for example :
The moral of the story is that there is no connection between happiness and money or success (= this is the main message of the book)
The book still seems relevant today

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